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Springdale, MD Pressure Washing

Are you looking for a professional power washing service you can trust? Do you need a genuine cleaning company that will help take tasks off your plan?……. Extreme Clean is your go-to! We are a dedicated team of professionals that treats your home and commercial service area with the utmost care. We know that each client is exceptional, so we are committed to making sure to deliver a complete and professional power washing service within a stipulated time frame. Also, we’ve been known to go out of our way in ensuring every customer is 100% satisfied with our power washing services. We look forward to serving you better.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the use of high-pressure water to clean and remove mold, mildew, weeds, grease, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from exterior surfaces. Moreover, high-pressure cleaning is not the best option in every case. It takes experts in the field to know when to apply high-pressure washing or low-pressure washing. Extreme Clean will help keep your property and surfaces looking fresh and clean all year long using our three-step pressure cleaning process:

1. Assess the surface to determine correct cleaning solution and process to be utilized.

2. Apply the correct cleaning solution to kill organic growth, remove dirt and provide the best results.

3. Pressure wash the surface using our softwashing technique to rinse away all the cleaning solutions removing the dirt and organic growth leaving a fully cleaned surface.

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House Washing

You sure need house washing professionals to do deep cleaning for your home, especially if you haven’t done this service in a while, or ever. However, you’ll need a low-pressure washing so as not to get too high of pressure on surfaces and to prevent exterior damage. Softwash is a safe house washing process that utilizes gentle water pressure and a special blend of detergents.  Your home is more reliable when the softwash house washing technique is used and that is what we promise to deliver. At Extreme Clean, we are committed to using a softwash cleaning process to wash away dirt, grime, pollution, bird droppings, insects, mold, mildew, and bacteria from your home’s exterior to give you that glaringly perfect, long-lasting clean home exterior. Call us at 443-891-6109 to refresh your house exterior.

Roof in progress

Roof Cleaning

Do you know that the roofing of your home is exposed to dirt, algae, and moss? Are you in doubt of whether you can get your roof cleaned without actually causing damage to it? Taking care of your roof is an essential part of maintaining the beauty of your home to get the best return on your investment. Dirt, algae and moss in the form of dark stains on your roof can affect the appearance and functionality of your roof. Extreme Clean is here to take that task off your plan! At Extreme Clean Roof Cleaning, our roof cleaning service is committed to eradicating those damage-causing agents from your roofs to make it look like new and restore the value of your property.

Call us at 443-891-6109 to clean and protect your roof.

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