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Best pressure Washing Service 

At Extreme Clean Pressure Washing, we don’t just blast at the dirt – We wash the dirt away, renew and protect using our softwashing technique. We’ve been trusted by hundreds of local homeowners and commercial property owners to provide quality service and price for all your pressure washing needs to help your home stand out in the neighborhood.

We guarantee you a satisfied finished pressure washing, using our softwashing process as we have all the best cleaning solutions, training and equipment needed to produce the best results. More about  Pasadena, MD can be seen here.


We Do It All

Pressure washing is the use of high-pressure water to clean and remove mold, mildew, weeds, grease, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from exterior surfaces. Moreover, high-pressure cleaning is not the best option in every case. It takes experts in the field to know when to apply high-pressure washing or low-pressure washing.

Extreme Clean will help keep your property and surfaces looking fresh and clean all year long using our three-step pressure cleaning process:


  1. Assess the surface to determine correct cleaning solution and process to be utilized.


  1. Apply the correct cleaning solution to kill organic growth, remove dirt and provide the best results.


  1. Pressure wash the surface using our softwashing technique to rinse away all the cleaning solutions removing the dirt and organic growth leaving a fully cleaned surface. 

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