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Are you starting to notice moss or lichen growth on your roof? Have strange black streaks on your roof? If so, you need a professional roof cleaning (and soon). If left the way it is, mold, moss, and algae growth can lead to serious damage to the roof itself and cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace. Save yourself a lot of money by using a professional roof cleaning service instead.

How Does Roof Cleaning Work

When you hire a professional roof cleaning company, a trained professional will soft wash your roof. What that means is they have special equipment that sprays low-pressure water and a detergent to gently clean the surface of your roof. This is especially important because shingles and other roofing material are designed to stand up to rain, not extremely high pressures. Roof cleaning companies may also apply an algaecide to prevent future algae growth.

Does Professional Roof Cleaning Save You Money?

If you need to have your roof replaced because it was not cleaned, you are going to find yourself facing a bill of at least $10,000. Professional roof cleaning is a fraction of that cost. Not only does professional cleaning allow you to avoid costly replacements and repairs, but it can also save you money in other ways as well. Black algae absorbs a lot of sunlight which can lead to energy inefficiency. Roof cleaning can result in lower energy bills in the summer, saving you even more money.

Add Value To Your Home

Not only do you save money on energy consumption in the summer and eliminate the cost of having a total roof replacement, but a clean exterior also increases your curb appeal. If you plan on selling your home in the future, presenting the best look possible is essential. You can increase the value of your home with professional roof and home washing because it shows potential buyers the property is well maintained.

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