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The tide of water that goes down by the side of your house can damage your landscaping and sidings; a clogged gutter system usually causes this. Gutter cleaning can be done in several ways. However, the best method for gutter cleaning is hand removal for all debris and flushing of the system by a professional.


Handpicking debris from gutters requires utmost caution as an accident may occur when you climb up the ladder to your roof. As a result, you would need the services of a professional to safely and effectively clean your gutters.

Below are some of the best methods of gutter cleaning

Handpicking of debris

Gutter cleaning by hand is one of the most popular ways of cleaning gutters. It doesn’t require any special equipment to carry out. With just a ladder, a bucket, and work gloves, you are set to clean your gutters.


Debris picked from the gutter is placed in the bucket while the work gloves give your hands adequate protection. The handpicking technique of the gutter cleaning method is very straight forward. It entails climbing up a ladder, stretching into the gutter, and handpick debris found in there.


You are likely to find some pretty awful stuff, which could be a mix of leaves, insect remains, pine needles, etc. It would help if you used a sturdy ladder to give your that balance while climbing.


Using the handpicking method of cleaning would require you to go up and down your ladder, making it a very arduous process as you would need to empty the bucket at intervals. You might also need green waste bags to collect the debris you have cleared from your roof.

Flushing out your gutter system

Once you have the debris cleared from the roof, the next step is flushing out your gutter system. Gutters may become clogged if they are not well cleaned, especially when it is raining. It often results in water flowing over your gutter and entering your home.


You can flush your gutter with water and then observe for any leakage or pools. Leaking occurs when there is a hole in the flushing system, while pooling refers to a flushing system blockage.

How to deal with water pooling and leaks

Water pooling signifies a severe problem in your flushing system. You should engage the services of a professional to help locate the clog and break it. The professional would clean out the spout by using a plumber’s snake. After which another flushing is done to ascertain that the problem of water pooling has been solved. Leaks are caused as a result of wear and tear of gutters and downspouts.


Flushing allows you to observe for leaks in your gutters. If there is any, then we can seal them up with roofing cement or metal flashing. A professional can help you through the whole process with ease.

How frequently should I clean my gutters

Cleaning your gutters at least once every year would be of great help. If trees surround your house, you should clean your gutters twice a year. Similarly, it would be best if you cleaned your gutter after a large storm. Take note of any slowing down of the water at any point. If the water flows freely, then the job of cleaning your gutter is completed.

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