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Washing is one of those aspects of life that is avoided, divided, and despised by most of the people who have to actually do it all the time. Still, washing, the ability to take what was once dirty and make it clean, is a vital facet to most of everyday life. We would be in a lot of trouble otherwise. Perhaps because of how little people like to think about it, we tend to not realize how involved washing can be. Whether it be dishes, clothes, or cars, washing requires water.


At the same time, water needs soap and other assistance to get stuff clean. This is why there are different methods of washing. You don’t put clothes in a dishwasher, for example. There is a way to properly wash everything, so that’s why there are different ways to wash different stuff. That is one reason that there are different ways to apply pressurized water to the washing process.


There are several ways to use pressure to wash stuff. One of them pressure washing. Pressure washing utilized pressurized water to force off stubborn dirt and grease from dirty surfaces. Cleaning concrete or the walls of factories are excellent uses for pressure washing. Not every surface can handle the pressure of such washing, however. Sometimes cleaning requires a softer touch. For cleaning more delicate surfaces than a concrete wall, but still taking advantage of the use of pressure, there is soft washing.


Anyone who has used a car wash is probably familiar with this cleaning method. Soft washing uses low pressure to clean off surfaces that can’t handle the high pressures of pressure washing but still need a bit of force in order to be effective. Both pressure washing and soft washing have their uses, and preference may depend as much on professional preference and experience as to what is getting cleaned.


Pressure washing is great for cleaning dirt off large surfaces where pressure is needed, but too much pressure would damage the object’s surface. Soft washing is also better for the environment because it uses less water that power washing. This means that soft washing is great for water conservationist-minded people and companies. Some studies also suggest that items cleaned by soft washing stay clean longer than those cleaned with pressure washing, but outside factors play a large part in that was well.


There are a lot of different ways to get stuff clean. Soft washing is ideal for cleaning surfaces that need a bit of pressure to remove stubborn grit and grime, but can’t handle the higher pressures of other washing methods. In order to ensure a safe and thorough washing, soft washing is great.  You don’t go to an automatic car wash have your windows blasted out from the pressure because of soft washing. Pressure washing has its uses, but for when pressure is needed in moderation, there is soft washing. It gets cars clean, saves on water, and ensures a safe and thorough cleaning job. Grit, dirt, or grime, soft washing can usually handle the job.

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