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Call Now: 443-891-6109

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We are a company that aims to provide you with the best of our services. We understand when you come to us with questions, not knowing what kind of washing is better for your house and which one has more benefits than the other.

So, Is There a Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing?

The confusion is natural as there are two different kinds of washing. Pressure washing and power washing. The difference between them is simple. The power washing service, that we provide, uses hot water to take off the dirt that has accumulated on your driveway and other corners of your house. Pressure washing on the other hand uses high pressured water to take out all the grime and dirt that may have gathered over some time.

Why You Should Not Pressure Wash Your House?

We’re here to provide you with different ways to understand how pressure washing may not be the most ideal option for your house. It is also a reason for you to pick power washing as your ultimate option.

  • Through pressure washing, the paint on your house could come off. The pressure in the hose is extremely high and can destroy your paint.
  • If your house is old and has old bricks, the high pressure in the hose could potentially break the mortar and destroy the foundation of the house.
  • If whole pressure washing you accidentally turn the hose towards your plants or your pet, it could cause serious damage. The pressure in itself can do a lot of damage.

With this understanding, it is simply easy enough to see why power washing is the right option for you. You get to have your house cleaned by professionals and the job gets done right the first time.

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