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Power washing can be very effective in removing dirt and grime from hard surfaces around your home. However, using a power washing technique to get rid of dirt and other microorganisms from your home’s exterior surfaces may be bad for your home if done incorrectly. There is a high chance it may cause severe damage to your home exterior surfaces.


As the name implies, power washing packs a lot of pressure that could be very destructive to your home’s exterior surfaces. The severe pressure is capable of causing overwhelming damage to your property. You must have the needed experience and skill to carry out power washing in your house adequately.

Damages of power washing if done incorrectly


  • Vinyl: The pressure of the water from power washing can damage your vinyl sidings in your home. If the water pressure is too high, the panels of your vinyl may begin to loose off.
  • Painted surface: Power washing a painted surface is pretty much a bad idea as it can easily rip off paint from walls or any other painted surface around the house.
  • Asphalt shingles roof: Humid conditions may cause the growth of algae on your shingles. Power washing may help get rid of the spores of algae and other bacteria but may end up damaging your shingles.
  • Mortars in between bricks: Mortars help to hold bricks together. The heated water of power washing may damage the mortar between bricks, making it lose its structure.
  • Window screens: You may end up shredding your window screens if you power wash them without the appropriate precaution.
  • Wood: Power washing is commonly used in cleaning wood surfaces around the home. However, the high pressure from power washing may crack open the wood.

How do damages from power washing take place?

The main cause of damage while using power washing in the home is the pressure. High-pressure leads to more incidence of damage from power washing. Spending too much time directing pressured water at a surface area from a close distance is a perfect recipe for damage.


Such action would only end up destroying the surface area you are trying to clean. Similarly, the use of wrong detergents while power washing may also facilitate the damage of your house’s exterior surfaces. Detergents with very high acidic content can erode wood, causing its damage.

What is the right way for power washing?

The use of power washing in the wrong way can cause a great deal of damage to your home exterior surfaces. The salient question is, how can power washing be done correctly? The best way to power wash your home is by applying a low-pressure technique.


While you may need the pressure to remove tough dirt and grime, what matters is the volume of water used and proper detergents. An effective cleaning solution like the right detergents helps break up dirt without damaging the material’s surface.

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