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Below are a list of reasons you should hire a professional pressure washing company like Extreme Clean Power Washing Services to clean your home or commercial property.

Deck cleaning by Extreme in Pasadena, MDMany people hire Extra Clean Power Washing Services because we are a professional pressure washing company. Many of those same people hire us again in the future. Do you know why? That’s right, because we are professional pressure washing company. What that means is those repeat customers have learned it is better to hire us because of several reasons. Please keep reading and you will likely hire us, because…wait for it….we are a professional pressure washing company!

Reason #1

Our techs know how to operate pressure washing equipment. Yes, you can go buy or rent a residential pressure washing machine, because you want to do the work and save money. We understand that, because we understand many want to

spend money wisely. However, this may not be the wisest way to spend AND most homeowners don’t know how to clean various building materials the right way. This can lead to damage that will cost a lot more than the cost of hiring a professional pressure washing company.

Reason #2

Safety is big reason to hire a Extra Clean Power Washing Services tech. Many people are afraid of heights, and rightfully so. Our techs know how to use pressure washing equipment, while on a ladder, and while working on wet surfaces. If our tech gets hurt, we can take of our employee. If a homeowner gets hurt, it’s a different story. Pain, suffering and being out of work will cost a lot more than hiring us to wash your Pasadena-area home.

Reason # 3

Because pressure washing isn’t about power washing. Our techs are trained on the best way to clean every surface. Did you know that it is rare to use high water pressure to clean a home’s exterior? We use the softwash technique to combine the right pressure and the right gentle detergent to get the best result. Most people think you have to blast away away algae, dirt, grime, stains and other elements that make your property ugly. This is not true!

House washing by Extreme in Pasadena, MDReason # 4

You want your house looking better than before the power washing work  was done. Certainly no one wants damage to their building materials, since decking, roofing materials, gutters, sidewalks and siding are expensive to replace. But cleaning a property and cleaning up in a way that leaves great results is no easy task. Pressure washing is a messy job. Professionals know how to clean and clean up a property to leave it looking almost new again. DIY pressure washers and novices are often astounded that after hours of “cleaning,” it just looks like the dirt and grime have been moved around. Don’t move it, let us eliminate it!

Reason # 5

Enjoy the time you have! You work hard and should not spend your time on such a big job and your money of renting or buying equipment. We know this sounds like a sales pitch, but for all the reasons listed here, it’s hard to argue against hiring a professional pressure washing company.

Roof cleaning by Extreme in Pasadena, MDReason # 6

Our techs will clean your roof the right way, adding years to the life of shingles!

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If you would like to schedule a pressure washing appointment, contact us by clicking here. If you prefer to talk to us, call our Pasadena, MD office at 443-891-6109. Our techs work throughout the greater Anne Arundel County area, including Lakeshore, Gibson Island, Bowie, Severna Park, Arnold, Gambrills, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Annapolis, Severn and Crownsville.

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