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Pressure washing is a tried and tested method of home exterior cleaning that many individuals and professionals have been using for years. However, in recent years professionals have been identifying the many problems that pressure washing can cause for your home, including damaged or broken siding and cracked exterior furnishings. You can’t just leave your house looking dirty, however, so you need to wash it somehow. What’s the best way to gently clean your home? Soft-washing! A professional soft-washing team can gently and responsibly clean your entire home in minutes for a shiny, brand new appearance that won’t damage your house at all. Here are five surfaces you definitely should have soft-washed for the best outcome!


  1. Wood Panel Siding

If your home features beautiful wood paneling on the exterior, that’s a good sign you’ll want to consider soft washing. Wood paneling gives homes a distinctive look, but they’re also very thin and not stable enough to withstand powerful pressure washing. Gentle cleaning solutions can dissolve debris much more safely than pressure washing.

      2.  Wood Fences and Decks

Like wood panel siding, wooden fences and decks are also made soft and porous materials that can easily crack or be structurally compromised by a poorly aimed spray from a power pressure washer. Hire a soft-washing team to gently and thoroughly scour your deck and fences clean for the ultimate sparkling appearance.

      3.  Stucco

Stucco homes and buildings are popular due to the low maintenance and affordable coverage they provide to building exteriors. However, because they’re a combination of sand, cement, and lime, the surface is also porous and can’t hold up to the impact of high pressure water, making soft washing a far safer alternative.

      4.  Windows and Window Screens

Power washing your windows might feel like it will save you loads of time, but it can also cause major damage to your windows! Screens simply aren’t strong enough to be blasted by pressure washing jets, and glass windows feature equally delicate components that could be damaged with high-powered water.

      5.  Shingles

Soft-washing is really the only way to go when it comes to cleaning roofs. High pressure water can damage and tear away shingles with ease as well as identify other holes in your roof or even create more. A professional exterior cleaning company can deliver a powerful overall clean through soft-washing that doesn’t run any risk of damaging your roof.

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